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Supporting local business & residential clients in Westchester County.

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Managing HIPAA compliance is important for every day work flow - we help organizations in the healthcare industry overcome complex technology challenges.​


Its your priority to manage your firm while we oversee technology maintenance, infrastructure, compliance, and application management to keep your data secure at all times.


We provide security solutions including Cloud backups, Local backups, Firewall Integration, and IT consulting to help your firm securely and efficiently handle financial transactions.


We strive to do good for our community. With dedicated service, we assure all non for profit organizations will receive tax exemptions and dedicated support


Instant support for your daily tech support needs such as Quickbooks, Sage, Emails, Phone, Website, Domain and file sharing support.


Home networking and tech help supported for your daily troubles. On-site and remote support for all users big or small.

Westchester IT Service Corp.

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Commercial & Residential

Local IT Service for maintaining and installing strong on-site IT infrastructure for Westchester NY. Both commercial and home residents are supported.

Located in Harrison, New York, Westchester IT Service Corp. offers IT Services, networking and web-design for Mamaroneck, Harrison, Rye and Larchmont community.

Onsite service to install, rack and mount your utility infrastructure to your desired specifications. Server installment, firewall security and Wi-Fi access points are also provided.


Clients are served with personable interaction and quick support. With years of programming – Both web design and E-Commerce are supported by our software engineer with optimal delivery time and fair prices.

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Network security

Internet security service in Westchester New York implements many layered approach methods to security. Monitoring services and prevention include network gateway.  Network Security, Intrusion Prevention, Content Filtering, Security Firewalls, Gateway Anti-Virus and more, are all covered by our Network Security service.

email support

mail security & Encryption

Majority of cyber attacks infiltrating businesses through phishing emails, your mail systems need the advanced filtering and security services we provide. When you use our email encryption services, your email communications will be unreadable to unauthorized users when sent over the internet. This means your messages will be protected against interception or malicious attacks, and you can secure sensitive emails with passwords given only to trusted recipients.

internet security

multi factor authentication

Two-factor authentication offers a security step beyond passwords for you email services and important logins. If in an event that your password is compromised, hackers won’t be able to access your accounts without access to an additional security authentication.


data security

Our network and data security services provide your systems with modern security and confidentiality solutions. Our services offer updated hardware and software for all areas affecting your business’s IT security.

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firewall setup

Firewall configuration and support is offered to all services. Firewalls shield your network from outside traffic and attacks, leaving your system safer and faster.

westchester it service corp.

Supporting local business & residential clients in Westchester County.


Let us help your business take control of its IT as we implement cost-effective, advanced technology solutions that meet your needs. Contact us today to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation!